Our Story

natural deodorant

AndyO Organics was started by on-air lifestyle expert, TV Host and blogger Carmen Ordoñez. After her late husband passed away from stomach cancer in 2014, Carmen was determined to change her lifestyle and remove daily toxins from her family's life. 

During her wellness journey, Carmen realized many of her personal care items contained harsh chemicals. One of the first changes she made was finding a new deodorant, but she couldn't find anything that worked for her. Even the best natural deodorants weren't cutting it. She decided to make her own using certified organic and all natural ingredients and that's were AndyO Organics was born--a natural deodorant that actually works and named after Carmen's son, Andy. 

Every deodorant is aluminum-free, paraben-free, and made with only SIX certified organic ingredients, including organic coconut oil, organic shea butter, organic tea tree, baking soda and organic lavender oil. These simple, yet effective ingredients help to naturally combat odor causing bacteria and absorb wetness. Safe enough to be used on kids like her son, but tough enough to last a hardcore workout for both men and women. 

Today, AndyO Organics goal is to empower consumers and spread the message of clean and effective beauty products. Our bodies deserve the best. 

5% of proceeds from each sale goes towards cancer research.