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Safe and Non-Toxic

We pride ourselves in using only the highest quality USDA certified organic and natural ingredients. It contains none of the harsh chemicals found in many deodorants, such as aluminum, parabens and glycol. Because our bodies deserve it!  


Effective, long lasting protection against odor for all day freshness. Made with organic coconut oil and organic tea tree oil to naturally fight bacteria, which causes odor. Even during the toughest workouts. 

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"It's an amazing product. Keeps me fresh and is perfectly aligned with my health based lifestyle."   Lifestyle Blogger, Martha Dominguez

" I LOVE the deodorant!!! I also exercised with it and it's amazing!!!" - Lolita Benjamin, Celebrity makeup artist

I exercise hardcore daily, so needless to say, I am a happy, sweaty girl for sure (especially after any Crossfit or dance class I take). Thanks to this product I'm never smelly! I love that the deodorant is chemical free, the texture is light, slightly scented and keeps me dry and smelling good all day!  - Bianca Senker- Crossfitter 

"I would only use clinical strength deodorant because I could never find something "natural" that worked. I'm so happy to have found Andyo Organics. At the end of the day I have no smell at ALL. I'm in love." - Daiana Ocampo